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The Beautiful Machine by Sandy Nicholson

Exhibit Run: May 1 2019 – September 1 2019

When the Eiffel Tower was erected, Walter Benjamin wrote about the changing perspective that machines brought to the minds of the people of Paris. Today, consumer drones can carry this shifting perspective. I have a lifelong obsession with ordinary moments filled with beauty. These photographs were taken over one year as the seasons passed and I saw familiar places in a new way from above.


About Sandy Nicholson

Sandy Nicholson captures life's moods and moments. His portfolio encompasses still photography and moving images, personal and commercial commissions. Born and raised in Australia, and now based in Canada, Sandy started telling stories through photographs in the 1990’s while shooting essays for Rolling Stone, Vogue, and Australian magazines. Not long after, he embarked on a career making images for local and international ad agencies and designers as well as his self-commissioned projects. Sandy has exhibited his photographs at the National Portrait Gallery, London, the World Expo, Lisbon, Fotofeis in Scotland and the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Sydney. He has shown his solo exhibitions: Lifts, Suburban Fetish, and 2nd, in Australia, the UK, Canada and Croatia. Sandy has won numerous awards for photographic excellence including a World Press Photo, Applied Arts Award, Advertising and Directors Club of Canada Award, and many others.