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Light Cage Duo by Luvere Studio

Exhibit Run: January 18 - January 27

bulthaup Toronto and Luvere Studio present “Light Cage Duo” as part of the annual DesignTO Festival. Luvere Studio created the two-part installation for kitchen and dining use, the third in a series of installations previously presented at Wanted Design Manhattan 2018 and Vancouver IDS 2018.

Light Cage Duo is a living lighting installation with live plants growing from the confines of a 4’ x 4’ structure of illuminated bars that is suspended from the ceiling above. The plants continue to grow despite their capture in a “prison of light”, eventually engulfing and blackening out their source of confine and energy. As the plants endure and thrive, the installation becomes a symbol of hope for the environment and our planet.


About Luvere Studio

Luvere Studio is a collaborative and innovative design duo working out of NY and Toronto, designing products and installations that are rooted in all things green. Their ethos is to bring a greater awareness to plants, nature and the living environment. Luvere Studio were the winners of Wanted Design Manhattan Launchpad 2017 for lighting.