Bulthaup Toronto Inc.
280 King Street East
Toronto ON M5A 1K7

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Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm
Saturday 11am to 3pm
Other times by appointment

FELT Studio - recent wall works by industrial felt artist Kathryn Walter

April 2011 - June 2011

Since 1989 Kathryn Walter has explored the material and culture of modern industrial felt through exhibitions, historical research, architectural commissions and a product line. Her work makes its way into a range of sites sometimes as formal investigations and sometimes engaged with humour or contradiction. Her work tends to evolve from limits she sets for herself such as using only squares or rectangle shapes, or working with only grey tones.

And, over the past few years, she has created a series of wall works from felt remnants gathered from previous artworks or off-cuts from felt machinery parts.
On exhibit at bulthaup is an architectural molding Walter originally made for exhibition at the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum in New York and an installation employing a white lily motif. Both make use of remnant and off-cut materials. The molding finds paradox in an appearance that is simultaneously soft like wool and hard like carved stone. The lily work is paradoxically delicate and sturdy, temporary and permanent.