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Deborah Moss - Emblem

October 2011 - January 2012

Toronto-based artist Deborah Moss explores her fascination with the circle and with the elemental tools of the artist. Using pencil, ink, watercolour and gold leaf on hand-torn paper circles, her repetition of this motif becomes emblematic of something familiar yet intangible, a mesmeric study of line and embellishment. Tactile and hand rendered, Moss' circles compliment the sleek craftsmanship of bulthaup.

Deborah Moss is a partner of the custom art studio Moss & Lam. She studied Fine Art at the University of Toronto, followed by the Ontario College of Art, where she focused on painting and film. Deborah's fascination with the intimate nature of treasured possessions led her to establish the Moss & Lam Collection, extending Moss & Lam's artistry to domestic interiors. Drawing on inspiration from a broad range of epochs and cultures, her classic furnishings, rugs and household objects are reinterpreted with a contemporary theme or fabrication method.